Company Profile

The Philippine economy is centered on maritime trade and commerce. Almost 98% of raw materials and products imported and exported by the country are facilitated through maritime exchanges. But for our country to integrate itself into the global trading system, an efficient maritime transport, composed of ports and shipping is necessary.

Then, the country's inefficient maritime transport has intensified transaction costs and eroded the competitiveness of exports. But all that will finally came to an end.

Harbour Centre Port Terminal, Inc. (HCPTI) is a complete realization of a private company's response to the call of the Philippine government for a vigorous private sector's participation in the erstwhile public sector's domain over investment and operation in various major service enterprises affecting the people and the economy as a whole.

The port sector is a principal area of focus in an economy widely characterized by maritime trade and commerce being an archipelago.

The people behind HCPTI could not have chosen an investment decision with a more timely impact than that centered on modern port facilities, descending amid perennial clamor as a modest relief for sustained effort to instill service efficiency through adequate infrastructure and updated cargo handling techniques.

HCPTI is all about service meant to uplift port handling standard and help minimize cost at the consumers end.

HCPTI is engaged in the provision of advanced port facility and equipment, managed by seasoned professionals with proven expertise in port management and operation to ensure optimum utilization of resources and deliver the desired efficiency well-deserved by its clientele.

HCPTI operates the 10-hectare multi-purpose port terminal inside the port-city complex called the Manila Harbour Centre strategically located within the heart of Manila's Port District. It intends to expand nationwide when its participation is apt and needed.


We commit to continuously set the highest business standards in the port industry while focusing on the safety, health, training, development and welfare of our employees and the preservation of our environment.

We devote to serve our customers by always anticipating their requirements and being responsive to their needs.

We treat our clients as our loyal supply chain partners.

We are at pace with the application of the latest technological innovations in our processes.We are efficient and cost-effective in the use of our resources


To be the most preferred company and one of the globally recognized leaders in the port management business.

We aim to achieve this by ensuring that everything we do is geared towards creating more value for our shareholders.

We will intend to continually build upon our present standing as the country's premiere private port by consistently providing excellent services to our customers, meeting our service level agreements with our business partners and setting an atmosphere of professionalism, competency and integrity in the company that is conducive for continuous improvement and growth. We believe that our people is the single most important asset and the quality of our human resource translates to the quality of service to our customers and profitability of the company

Company History

Harbour Center Port Terminal, Inc. (HPCTI) was incorporated and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on May 13, 1996 to engage primarily in the business of operating port facilities, including other maritime activities supportive of port operations and shipping.

HCPTI is strategically located inside the Manila Harbour Centre, the only Philippine Economic Zone Authority ("PEZA") registered port industrial area in Manila. HCPTI is located in the center of Manila's old business district and accessible from Radial Road 10, C-2 and C-3 main arteries and Roxas Boulevard.

HCPTI operates as a private commercial port in Manila under the licenses given by the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) since 1995. HCPTI's present license to operate is under PPA Certificate of Registration/Permit to Operate (COR/PTO) No. 389 authorizing the development and operation of a private commercial port in Ports of Manila that will serve as additional port facilities to complement the existing government facilities.

HCPTI is currently authorized in handling foreign vessels transporting non-containerized cargoes and all types of domestic vessels shipping both containerized and non-containerized cargoes. The company is the first integrated and modern port terminal in the Philippines operating two (2) quays with a total of 1,105 meters in length that can accommodate all types of shipping vessels.

HCPTI provides value-for-money and high quality services to our clientele through innovative and motivated employees. Fortified with expertise, our people follow strict cargo handling procedures using a systematic approach in taking care of your business by utilizing our modern facilities, technology, resources and world class security system while ensuring a reasonable return of investment.